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July 29, 2017


They Had Access To Emails And Files Of More ThanTwo Dozen House Democrats Who Employed them Part-Time

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

Pakistani foreign national Imran Awan, who was hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats to be their IT guy, is currently under criminal investigation and reportedly is suspected of blackmailing many of them, among a host of other crimes.

FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to an individual who was interviewed by Bureau investigators in the case and a high level congressional source. Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, the individual told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. The congressional source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, confirmed that the FBI has joined what Politico previously described as a Capitol Police criminal probe into “serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network” by Imran and 3 of his relatives, who had access to the emails and files of the more than two dozen House Democrats who employed them on a part-time basis.

Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chief in July 2016 after the committee’s IT system was hacked. She has since refused to fire Imran despite learning that he is a target of a criminal investigation.

Awan’s younger brothers, Abid and Jamal, his wife, Hina Alvi, and Rao Abbas, Imran’s best friend, are also under investigation. There have been no arrests in the case. Shortly after the criminal probe was revealed in February, Imran abruptly moved out of his longtime home on Hawkshead Drive in Lorton, Va., and listed it for rent on a website that connects landlords with military families.

The tenants called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and not long after, FBI agents arrived together with the Capitol Police to interview them and confiscate the equipment. The Marine spoke on condition of anonymity because of concerns for his wife’s naval career, saying she doesn’t want to be associated with a national security incident. “It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said. “It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over.”The Marine said Imran wanted the hard drives back so desperately that he threatened to sue the renter for stealing them. “It was unbelievable. I don’t know where they get off thinking they’re going to sue us for items we have no obligation to hold onto,” he said. Imran came to the house for the items “3 to 4 times,” but the Marine wouldn’t let him enter.

“Their lawyer contacted us today via email and said we owed $350 in late charges and the items he left in the house,” the Marine said. The Marine heard about the House investigation on the radio, and by that time, he had noticed other bizarre signs of desperation from his landlord. “When we first moved in, a mailman came with certified mail from the House of Representatives. We were trying to be nice and signed for it. They lost their s**t, saying ‘why did you sign for it, this is illegal!’ It was certified from the [Chief Administrative Officer of the House],” he said.

This story literally has everything. Mystery, intrigue, foreign nationals spying, political corruption, blackmail and more. Think of all the dirt this guy could have on these Democrats!

Seth Rich, who really hacked the DNC, the manufacturing of this fake Russia narrative, the conspiracy to take down Bernie Sanders and hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton, had more emails showing how Hillary Clinton cheated during the debates, the list goes on and on. This story is a thousand times more interesting than fake conspiracies about Russia. If the media were to focus on it, it would captivate the mind of the entire nation. Instead, they’re completely ignoring it and just hoping it goes away.

Attorney Claims The Federal Bank Fraud Count Stems From Modest Real Estate Matter; Arrest Motivated By Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (July 26, 2017) — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has fired an information technology staffer following his arrest on a bank fraud charge at a Virginia airport where he was attempting to fly to Pakistan. Awan's attorney, Chris Gowen, confirmed that his client was arrested at Dulles Airport Monday. He says Awan was cleared to travel and had informed the House of his plans to visit his family before the scheduled trip. Gowen says the federal bank fraud count stems from a "modest real estate matter" and is motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry. He's confident Awan "will soon be able to clear his name and get on with his life." An arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 21, according to Gowen.

Lighthouse Christian Academy Brochure Says The Bible Does Not Allow Homosexual, Bisexual Or Any Form Of Sexual Immorality

Associated Press

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The Lighthouse Christian Academy promises to provide an exemplary education, a caring atmosphere and service to God — but not for everyone. The school says in its admissions brochure that it reserves the right to deny admission to LGBT students because their lifestyle is prohibited by the Bible. Founded in the early 1990s by a tight-knit group of families who wanted an affordable Christian education for their children, the academy is now an academically successful K-12 school serving 300 children in the Bloomington area. About half receive vouchers to help pay an annual tuition that ranges from $4,500 to $6,000 depending on a student's grade. This year, Lighthouse received over $665,000 in state funds to enroll 152 students.

As the Trump administration seeks to expand school choice nationwide, the academy was thrust into the national spotlight last month as part of a heated debate over whether schools that receive money from taxpayer-funded vouchers can discriminate against certain groups of students, such as LGBT children or students with disabilities. Lighthouse officials say they've never turned anyone away based on sexual orientation.

A congressional hearing, Senate Democrats cited it as an example of a school that discriminates against LGBT students. A Lighthouse brochure says the Bible does not allow homosexual, bisexual or "any form of sexual immorality" and if a student's "home life" violates biblical rules, the school can deny them admission or expel them. Pressed on the issue, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, an ardent supporter of school choice, told the Senate committee that discrimination is wrong, but that it was up to Congress and the courts, not her department, to intervene.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration are strong proponents of giving states a greater role in education. Earlier this year, the administration rescinded former President Barack Obama's guidance that instructed schools to let students use school restrooms in accordance with the gender they identify with, not their sex at birth. The move sparked criticism from the civil rights community. Indiana is 1 of 30 states that use public money for school choice programs, including vouchers, educational savings accounts and tax-credit scholarships. The District of Columbia has the country's only federally funded voucher program. All told, some 450,000 students participate nationally.

In a study last year, Indiana University professor Suzanne Eckes found that none of the states with voucher programs prohibits discrimination against LGBT students. "If you accept public money in the form of a voucher then you shouldn't be able to discriminate whether it's based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation," Ms Eckes said. " "If you agree to take that public money, then there are certain rules that you need to follow."

Lighthouse defends its right to educate children according to its values, saying that Christians are state taxpayers, too, and should be allowed to fund institutions of their choice with their money. "Parents are free to choose which school best comports with their religious convictions," Brian Bailey, an attorney who is serving as the school's spokesman, said in a statement. "For a real choice and thus real liberty to exist, the government may not impose its own orthodoxy and homogenize all schools to conform to politically correct attitudes and ideologies." Former Lighthouse student Mary Wegener, 24, says some of her classmates at the school were gay and received love and care. Bailey confirmed that the school did admit some students who were "tempted by same-sex intimacy," saying "we teach our students to flee these sins." "If they (Lighthouse) are going to be a Christian school, they can't conform to everything else, because then that would be a private school that knocked out the Christian name."

Dick Komer, senior attorney with Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest law firm, said that federal law has protections against discrimination on the basis of race, national identity, sex and religion, but they do not extend to LGBT individuals. "If the people who are grilling Ms DeVos believe that sex includes sexual orientation and gender identity, then they should propose amendments to the statues that they have written and given her to enforce," Mr Komer said. "The Congress is supposed to write the law, the agency is supposed to administer what Congress has given them, and Congress hasn't given it to them."

Lindsey Burke, director of education policy studies at the conservative Heritage Foundation, disagrees. "Racism was based on identity and skin color and had no reasonable basis," Burke said. "This is about whether a student, a family is going to live out their communal beliefs of the school that they have chosen to attend. These are intentional communities that are built upon a moral code that they have decided on."

Lily Eskelsen-García, president of the National Education Association, the country's largest teachers' union, said the Trump administration's attempt to fund private schools takes away money from public schools, where discrimination is not allowed. "Every child, every blessed child has the legal, civil and the human right to attend their public school, but no one can say that about a private school," Ms Eskelsen-Garcia said. "Why would you get public dollars to a school that discriminates against students?"

Trump Donated His First-Quarter Salary To A Battlefield Restoration Project

Jordan Fabian | The Hill

President Trump donated his second-quarter salary to the Department of Education, the White House announced Wednesday. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the announcement during her daily press briefing, in front of television screens showing a photo of a $100,000 check signed by Trump. Education Secretary Besty DeVos said the money would go toward hosting science, technology, engineering and mathematics camp for children at the department. Trump has proposed slashing the Education Department budget by $9.2 billion- a 14 % reduction.

Donald Trump Continues To Become Even More Bold About His Faith In Jesus Christ

Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream

On Wednesday, he posted a message to Twitter about his faith which has already been liked more than 81,000 times and retweeted more than 23,000 times. I know that a lot of people have complained that Trump is on Twitter too much, but I love it. It gives him an opportunity to speak directly to the American people without having to rely on the gatekeepers in the mainstream media. If I was in his position, I would be doing the exact same thing. Of course many liberals immediately started to freak out  when Trump posted this. A lot of them began spouting remarks about how this violated “the separation of church and state” and other such nonsense. And they were already in a very foul mood because of Trump’s decision on transgender troops in the military. The constant abuse that Trump takes on a daily basis is off the charts, and he definitely needs our prayers.

If it was up to the left, all expressions of the Christian faith would be completely banned in the White House. Earlier this month, a photo that Johnnie Moore posted to Twitter of evangelical leaders laying hands on Trump went viral and many on the left completely lost it. Left-leaning opponents of Trump were outraged by the White House prayer photo. In response to Moore’s viral tweet, Michael Diebert tweeted, “Separation of church and state,” and linked to Moore’s photo. Diebert’s tweet had received a 1,618 retweets and 4,807 “likes” at press time. (Moore’s original tweet received about double the retweets and “likes.”)

We should be so thankful for Trump, because if Hillary Clinton was in the White House we would be going very much in the opposite direction. If America does not turn back to God, there is not going to be an America and so seeing Trump say bold things about his faith should be very encouraging to all of us. And now that we have a Bible-believing Christian in the White House, we need to fill up Congress with Bible-believing Christians and start trying to restore our Republic. Personally, I am not ashamed to say  that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that I want to take Christian values back to Washington. If I win my election, I am not going to be afraid to hold up my Bible on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives as I proclaim the truth to the entire nation.

The left is exceedingly proud of the wicked things that they believe, and we need to be even prouder of the truth. When our nation was founded, more than 99% of the population was Christian, and most of them were very strong Bible-believing Christians. It was that culture that produced the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and if we want to have any hope of restoring our Republic we also need to rstore the faith that it was founded upon. Many of our founders had just escaped horrific religious persecution in Europe, and so they definitely didn’t want anyone in government telling them how they had to worship. But they would be absolutely flabbergasted to learn that the First Amendment has been redefined to mean that all traces of the Christian faith must be pushed out of public life. Our founders were men of faith, and they intended for our government to operate according to Christian principles. If we want our nation to have any sort of a future at all, we need to rediscover the values and the principles that made this country so great in the first place.

He Then Assaulted Another Woman Committed Multiple Break-Ins Before Finally Being Caught While Running From Police

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

An illegal immigrant from Mexico who has been deported 20 times was arrested Monday night in the sanctuary city of Portland for breaking into a 65-year-old woman’s home, tying her up, sexually assaulting her, threatening to kill her and stealing her car. He then went on to assault another woman and commit multiple break-ins before finally being caught while running from police.

Martinez is reportedly a drug addicted meth addict, marijuana and an alcoholic with a massive rap sheet. Records also show that Martinez has told county staff that he has numerous mental health issues including bipolar, schizoaffective, and borderline personality disorder. His criminal record is extensive. Martinez told the sheriff’s office alcohol is his most serious addition. Earlier this year, he told jail staff that he consumes four to six 24 oz. beers per day. In the past, he said he has consumed as much as 10 beers per day. Martinez moved to Portland within the last 3 years. He appears to be transient with no fixed address. He has used a Northwest Portland shelter as his mailing address. Martinez told officials that he picks up construction jobs to make money.

In California, his conviction record includes:
2008 – Burglary
2010 – U.S. alien found in U.S. following deportation;
2014 – Parole violation
2015 – Battery, theft, and obstructing a public officer
2016 – Illegal entry into the U.S.
“Defendant has entry/removal from United States to/from Mexico 20 times with at least 5 probation violations from re-entry,” according to court documents filed in March 2017.
His most recent removal from the United States was in November 2016, but it remains unknown when he re-entered the U.S.
Records show that Martinez has lived in Multnomah County consistently since 2017.
The county has issued 9 failure to appear warrants against Martinez since September 1986.

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler insisted Portland remain a sanctuary city in defiance of Donald Trump late last year. "There’s no place in this community for sexism, racism, religious intolerance or xenophobia,” Wheeler said. “I don’t think the values that we’ve espoused in this community are up for debate and we’re not going to be intimidated by the threat of withdrawal of federal funds to backtrack on what are really fundamental values. We will remain open, we will remain welcoming and we’re going to remain safe.”

Wheeler has not commented on this illegal alien’s rape and crime spree. Instead, today he chose to counter-signal Trump for moving to ban transgenders from serving in the military.

Return To Bilateral Trading Is Future Of Post-Globalism Economies


Landmark trade talks are currently taking place between the UK and America that could be worth $50 billion-a-year by 2030. Drumming up post-Brexit business with the US would be a huge boost to the economy, and no doubt shut the Remoaners up for at least a couple of days. Liam Fox said, “Our exit from the European Union offers an unprecedented opportunity to reshape our independent trading ambitions and build on the already strong trading relationship with our single largest trading partner – the US.” A working group has been set up to “ensure we get to know each other’s issues and identify areas where we can work together to strengthen trade and investment ties.”

Sanctions Could Impact Potentially Large Number Of European Companies Doing Legitimate Business Under EU Measures With Russian Entities In Railways, Shipping And Mining Sectors


Retaliatory measures may include limiting US jurisdiction over EU companies An internal memo seen by the Financial Times and Politico has emerged amid mounting opposition to a US bill seeking to hit Russia with a new round of sanctions. The bill, if signed into law, will also give US lawmakers the power to veto any attempt by the president to lift the sanctions.

The document reportedly said European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker was particularly concerned the sanctions would neglect the interests of European companies. Mr Juncker said Brussels “should stand ready to act within days” if sanctions on Russia are “adopted without EU concerns being taken into account,” according to the Financial Times. The EU memo also warns that “the measures could impact a potentially large number of European companies doing legitimate business under EU measures with Russian entities in the railways, financial, shipping or mining sectors, among others.”

Restrictions against Russia come as part of the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act, targeting not only Tehran, but also North Korea. Initially passed by the Senate last month, the measures seek to impose new economic measures on major sectors of the Russian economy. The draft legislation would also introduce individual sanctions for investing in Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, outlining steps to hamper construction of the pipeline and imposing sanctions on European companies which contribute to the project. Other energy projects, such as the Caspian Sea oil and gas pipelines, the Ukraine gas transit, and the Zohr field off the Egyptian coast, may also be affected due to the participation of Russian companies.

The freshly leaked memo suggests that the EU is seeking “a public declaration” from the Trump administration that it will not apply the new sanctions in a way that targets European interests, as cited by Politico. Other options on the table include triggering the ‘Blocking Statute,’ an EU regulation that limits the enforcement of extraterritorial US laws in Europe. A number of “WTO-compliant retaliatory measures” are also being considered, according to the memo.

Earlier on Sunday, the bloc expressed its unease over the sanctions bill. Noting that “the Russia/Iran sanctions bill is driven primarily by domestic considerations,” the European Commission said in a statement that it “could have unintended consequences, not only when it comes to Transatlantic/G7 unity, but also on EU economic and energy security interests.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that “we heard of some corrections to the administration’s stance on sanctions and will wait patiently until it is clearly articulated.” He reiterated that Russia believes the restrictions are “counterproductive” and are harming both US and Russian interests. Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier warned that any new sanctions on Russia will only result in the deterioration of US-Russia relations. Germany, Russia’s main European trading partner, called the bill “a peculiar move,” also promising a swift response to it. Some American corporations, including BP, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Boeing, Citigroup, MasterCard, and Visa, have reportedly lobbied against the move.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the controversial sanctions bill on Tuesday. Previously, adoption of the draft was put on hold as the House was reluctant to pass it, citing “procedural issues.” The White House also argued against parts of the Senate edition of the bill, including the demand that US President Donald Trump obtain Congress’ permission before easing sanctions.

Submarine Robot’s Images Captures More Photographs Of Ongoing Nuclear Disaster

Stephen Stapczynski | Bloomberg

A trove of new images captured in the past few days show what is likely to be melted nuclear fuel from inside one of Japan’s wrecked Fukushima reactors, a potential milestone in the cleanup of one of the worst atomic disasters in history.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. Japan’s biggest utility, released images on Saturday of mounds of black rock and sand-like substances at the bottom of the No. 3 reactor containment vessel at Fukushima, which is likely to contain melted fuel, according to Takahiro Kimoto, an official at the company. A survey on Friday found black icicles hanging from the above pressure vessel, which was “highly likely” to contain melted fuel. Kimoto noted it would take time to confirm whether this debris contains melted fuel. “The pictures that we have gained will assist us in devising a plan for removing the melted fuel,” Kimoto told reporters Saturday night in Tokyo. “Taking pictures of how debris scattered inside of the reactor was a big accomplishment.”

Operator Of Plant Say Tritium Poses Little Risk To Human Health And Quickly Diluted By Ocean

The Telegraph

Local residents and environmental groups have condemned a plan to release radioactive tritium from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. Officials of Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the plant, say tritium poses little risk to human health and is quickly diluted by the ocean.

In an interview with local media, Takashi Kawamura, chairman of TEPCO, said, “The decision has already been made.” He added, however, that the utility is waiting for approval from the Japanese government before going ahead with the plan and is seeking the understanding of local residents. The tritium is building up in water that has been used to cool 3 reactors that suffered fuel melt-downs after cooling equipment was destroyed in the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami that struck north-east Japan in March 2011.

Defense Secretary James Mattis Declared That Pakistan Has Failed To Adequately Combat Terrorism

Mikael Thalen

The Trump administration will withhold $50 million in reimbursements to Pakistan after Defense Secretary James Mattis declared that the nation has failed to adequately combat terrorism. Mattis recently told Congress that Islamabad, which receives aid from the Pentagon for carrying out counter-terror operations, is not doing enough to thwart the Haqqani Network. The Pakistan-based terror group has been blamed for numerous large scale attacks including a May truck bombing that killed close to 100 people in neighboring Kabul. “The funds could not be released to the government of Pakistan at this time because the secretary could not certify that Pakistan has taken sufficient action against the Haqqani Network per the requirement in the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),” Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said Friday.

While Pakistan has been given $550 million out of a possible total of $990 million for fiscal year 2016, the Trump administration is debating whether to take a stronger stance toward the country as it shapes its strategy toward the Middle East. Stump, the Pentagon spokesman, asserted though that the decision was not devised as part of its overall strategy review. “This decision does not prejudge the conclusions of the White House review of South Asia strategy, which is still ongoing,” Stump said. “Pakistan still has time to take action against the Haqqani Network in order to influence the secretary’s certification decision in FY17.”

The State Department also criticized Pakistan this week over its inaction toward the terror group. “Pakistan did not take substantial action against the Afghan Taliban or [the Haqqani Network], or substantially limit their ability to threaten U.S. interests in Afghanistan, although Pakistan supported efforts to bring both groups into an Afghan-led peace process,” the department said in its yearly terrorism report. In response, Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Nafees Zakaria argued that Islamabad has “taken indiscriminate and all out action against terrorists.”

Stump’s statement also stressed that the choice to withhold funds was not a reflection of positive actions taken by the Pakistani military in the fight against terrorism. “This decision does not reduce the significance of the sacrifices that the Pakistani military has undertaken over previous years,” Stump said. “We continue to be encouraged by Pakistan’s operations in North Waziristan and elsewhere in the [federally administered tribal areas]. “Pakistan’s efforts have reduced the ability of some militant groups to use North Waziristan and the [tribal areas] as a safe haven for terrorism. However, the Taliban and the Haqqani Network continue to operate in other locations in Pakistan.”

The announcement comes one day after President Trump’s national security briefing at the Pentagon in which he stated ISIS was “falling fast.”

Parties Involved Have Opportunity To Review Effectiveness Of The Deal

The Hill

This month marks the second anniversary of the conclusion of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security Council. The parties involved now have an opportunity to review the effectiveness of the deal and how well it serves their interests. Iran’s aggressive behavior sharpens the focus on whether the deal is going well. It is becoming evident that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been a rather ineffectual agreement. The deal gave the Islamic Republic tens of billions of dollars worth of sanctions relief and asked for little or nothing in return. As far as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) can tell, Tehran is just about complying with the deal in terms of the requisite restrictions on its nuclear enrichment. However, the agreement did not permit comprehensive access for international inspections.

Along With Purchasing Market Kiosk Items Employees Will Able To Use The Chip To Get Into The Front Door And Log Onto Their Computers.

A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees. Yes, you read that right. Microchip implants. “It’s the next thing that’s inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it,” Three Square Market Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby said.

The company designs software for break room markets that are commonly found in office complexes. Just as people are able to purchase items at the market using phones, Mr Westby wants to do the same thing using a microchip implanted inside a person's hand. "We'll come up, scan the item," he explained, while showing how the process will work at an actual break room market kiosk. "We'll hit pay with a credit card, and it's asking to swipe my proximity payment now. I'll hold my hand up, just like my cell phone, and it'll pay for my product."

More than 50 Three Square Market employees are having the devices implanted starting next week. Each chip is about the size of a single grain of rice. Along with purchasing market kiosk items, employees will be able to use the chip to get into the front door and log onto their computers. Each chip costs $300, and the company is picking up the tab. They're implanted between a person's thumb and forefinger.  Mr Westby added the data is both encrypted and secure. "There's no GPS tracking at all," he said. No one who works at Three Square Market is required to get the chip implant.

Could Free Every Government Worker In America From Forced-Dues Unionism

Chris Woodward

A legal group is confident the U.S. Supreme Court will take up a case involving union dues. Attorneys for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and the Liberty Justice Center have asked the Supreme Court to take up a case known as Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). "The Janus case is a very important step in our efforts to end the forced payment of fees to a union as a condition of employment," says Mark Mix of the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation. "The Janus case specifically deals with government employees. Interestingly enough, if we win at the Supreme Court, which we fully intend to do, it would protect every government employee in America from being fired for failure to tender dues or fees to a labor union."

In 1977, the Supreme Court established that union officials could have workers fired if they didn't pay dues or fees to a union. Since that time, Mr Mix and other attorneys have been trying to find a case to get back to the Supreme Court. They argue that unions representing government employees violate the free-speech rights of workers by collecting money from people who don't want to join. Janus v. AFSCME, has the potential to overturn a 40-year-old Supreme Court precedent and free every government worker in America from forced-dues unionism," Mr Mix continues. "Janus is following in the footsteps of last year's high-profile Supreme Court case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association." Like Friedrichs Janus argues that being forced to pay dues to a union violates the First Amendment rights of government employees. Oral arguments were held just before Justice Antonin Scalia died. Friedrichs deadlocked 4-4 after Justice Scalia's death, the confirmation of Justice [Neil] Gorsuch offers a new opportunity for the Supreme Court to rule public-sector forced dues unconstitutional," says Mr Mix. "In fact, because the high court split 4-4 in Friedrichs, Gorsuch is likely to be the decisive vote on this issue."

Regardless, a federal appeals court in Chicago rejected Janus' claim in March, ruling that the fees were constitutional under the 1977 case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. AFSCME president Lee Saunders called the case an effort to chip away at the power of unions "to negotiate a fair return on our work, provide for our families, and lift up the concerns of all working families." "Lee Saunders would obviously say that because he's got a pretty sweet deal," responds Mr Mix. "The business model for AFSCME and the union officials that run it is, they can compel people to pay them as a condition of keeping their jobs."

The Supreme Court will not take up Janus v. AFSCME until September, at the earliest.

Erdogan Has Committed War Crimes, Genocide, And Crimes Against Humanity Against The Kurdish Turks


Marking the first time Sweden country has ever lodged a complaint against a head-of-state, this week 5 members of parliament (MPs) from the Scandinavian country officially accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of genocide. The MPs’ complaint alleges Erdogan has committed war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity against the Kurdish majority in Turkey’s southeast region since a truce between the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and government forces  fell apart in 2015.

The official complaint was  filed in the Swedish International Public Prosecution Offices. If that department decides to move forward with an investigation, warrants could be issued for the arrest of Erdogan and several other Turkish officials, such as Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. MP Carl Schlyter says he likes the idea of Erdogan potentially having limited freedom of movement in his part of the world and hopes neighboring countries will follow suit. “If [Mr Erdogan] is hindered from roaming around in Europe and influencing European countries the way he wants, then I hope that this will affect his politics.” Such a move against President Erdogan was only made possible by a Swedish law passed in 2014 that allows the country to hold and judge its own court cases involving genocide and crimes against humanity, regardless of where those crimes took place.

“Anyone, who in order to completely or partially destroy a national or ethnic group of people” kills or causes serious pain or injury is “guilty of genocide,” the legislation reads. The PKK, which originally sought an independent homeland for Turkey’s 15 million Kurds, launched its insurgency back in 1984. Since that time, an  estimated 40,000 people, mostly Kurds, have died in the conflict.

The Abortion Giant Has Created A "Separate Company" AFAXYS - That Makes And Sells Drug Back To Itself- Planned Parenthood

Charlie Butts

A pro-life group is calling on Congress to look into a troubling extension of Planned Parenthood. American Life League (ALL) President Jim Sedlak informs us that his organization has concluded an investigation of the abortion giant and found that it has created a separate company Afaxys that has been quietly operating for 4 years. "The purpose of Afaxys is to manufacture contraceptive products -- the birth control pills, emergency contraception, etc. -- and to sell it to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics," Mr Sedlak details.

The company has claimed it will only sell the products to family planning programs that get Title 10 funding from the U.S. government, using tax dollars to set up a for-profit company and generate sales to tax-supported organizations.

"Not only will Planned Parenthood be operating clinics and selling to customers, but Planned Parenthood will also be manufacturing the drugs and will make money all along the supply chain," the ALL president explains. "It is just an outright grab for money by Planned Parenthood." Mr Sedlak finds the Afaxys/Planned Parenthood connection troublesome because it keeps taxpayer funds flowing through indirect channels. He points out that there are government rules and regulations that have to be followed, so American Life League has sent its documented report to all members of Congress. Mr Sedlak adds that more information is surfacing and will be released at appropriate times.

Ditch The Sodas And Carbs And Replace Them With Veggies

Julie Fidler

Teen girls who eat an “inflammatory diet” may be at higher risk for breast cancer later in life, according to a study released earlier this year, The Link Between Inflammation and Cancer. Inflammation is a normal, necessary occurrence that helps injured tissue to heal. An inflammatory response is triggered when chemicals are released by the damaged tissues. 

The National Cancer Institute explains that, in response, white blood cells make substances that cause cells to divide and grow to rebuild damaged tissue. Once this process is complete, the inflammatory process subsides. However, with chronic inflammation, the inflammatory process may begin even if there are no damaged tissues. Chronic inflammation may be the result of infections that don’t go away, abnormal immune reactions to normal tissues, or conditions such as obesity. This prolonged inflammation can eventually lead to damaged DNA that leads to cancer.

For the recent study, researchers looked at women who, in high school, consumed diets thought to increase inflammation levels in the body. These women were found to be more likely to develop breast cancer before entering menopause compared with women who ate a different type of diet during their high school years. An increased risk of breast cancer was also found in women who ate an inflammatory diet in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

So, what exactly is an “inflammatory diet”? It’s a pattern of eating that includes few vegetables, lots of sugar-sweetened and diet soft drinks, refined sugars and carbohydrates, red and processed meats, and margarine. Eating these foods has been linked to higher levels of markers of inflammation in the body. Karin B. Michels, an epidemiology professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health, says: “Our results suggest that a habitual diet that promotes chronic inflammation when consumed during adolescence or early adulthood may indeed increase the risk of breast cancer in younger women before menopause.” The risk of breast cancer appeared to increase by more than 1/3 among teen girls who consumed a poor diet. In the study, researchers tracked the data from over 45,000 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study II. The participants filled out food frequency questionnaires about what they ate as teens and young adults, and they were followed for up to 22 years. Each of the diets was assigned an “inflammatory score,” based on a method that links diet with established inflammatory markers in the blood. Women in the 5 groups with the highest inflammatory scores during their teen years were found to have a 35% higher risk of breast cancer than those with the lowest scores. Participants in the highest inflammatory score group during their early adult years had a 41% higher risk of developing the disease.

No link was found between the women’s inflammatory scores and overall breast cancer incidence, or with postmenopausal breast cancer, however. During the 22-year, follow-up period, 870 of the participants who completed the high school diet questionnaire were diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause, while 490 women were diagnosed with breast cancer post-menopause.

The study was limited in that it can’t definitively prove that eating a poor diet during teen years causes breast cancer. In order to show that, the team would’ve had to have randomly assigned large numbers of teens to eat varying diets and then observe what happened to them for 20 years. That would obviously be unethical and likely unworkable. There’s also the possibility that teens who consumed healthier diets had other lifelong healthy habits.

A Mediterranean Diet Could Cut Your Risk of Breast Cancer. While 30% of breast cancer cases are caused by genes, food is something people can control. Consuming less refined flour, sugar, and red meats and eating more vegetables can help lower the risk of other conditions as well, including obesity (which is linked to cancer), diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Children Who Drink Dairy Alternatives Like Soy, Almond Or Rice Milks Are Slightly Shorter Then Peers Who Drink Cow’s Milk

Wayane Drash

A study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that each daily cup of non-cow’s milk consumed was associated with 0.4 centimeters (0.15 inches) lower height than average for a child’s age. “We found that children who are consuming non-cow’s milk like rice, almond and soy milk tended to be a little bit shorter than children who consumed cow’s milk,” said Dr. Jonathon Maguire, the study’s lead author and a pediatrician and researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. “For example, a 3-year-old child consuming 3 cups of non-cow’s milk relative to cow’s milk was on average 1.5 centimeters" That's over half an inch difference, which Maguire said is "not a tiny difference when you're 3 years old."

The study was a cross-section involving 5,034 healthy Canadian children ranging in age from 2 to 6 years old. The subjects were on average 38 months of age, with 51% being male, and were recruited from 9 family and pediatric health-care practices from December 2008 to September 2015. Of those participating, about 5% drank exclusively non-cow's milks, and about 84% drank only cow's milk; about 8% drank both and about 3% drank neither. Maguire said the most surprising finding was "that the amount children were shorter depended on how much they were consuming." "It's not like if you're not consuming cow's milk, you're a little shorter," he said. "It's more like if you are consuming non-cow's milk, with each cup that a child consumes, that child on average appears to be a little bit smaller, a little shorter. That's a bit surprising."

Does it matter if a kid is half an inch shorter at the age of 3? Does it correlate to height in adulthood?  "That's one remaining question. We don't know if the kids consuming non-cow's milk, maybe they catch up over time, or maybe they don't. Time's going to have to tell," he said. "We do know in general as pediatricians that children who are on a certain percentile line in terms of height tend to stay on that line for the rest of their childhood and into adulthood."

The findings are sure to add fire to the ongoing debate about the benefits of cow's milk versus dairy alternatives. Amy Joy Lanou, a professor of health and wellness at the University of North Carolina-Asheville who was not involved in the research, said she had several issues with the study, most notably why only milk consumption was considered. "It's just odd to me why we wouldn't be looking at the overall diets of the children," Lanou said. "If they're making the claim that it's because it's the difference in the types of milk the kids are drinking, well, what else are they eating?"

Ms Lanou, whose research has led her to believe that cow's milk is "not a necessary food," said she believes the study makes an improper leap by implying that taller means healthier. "Taller children and heavier children are not necessarily healthier adults, or even healthier children," she said. "I think they're using height as a marker for health, and I'm not sure that's appropriate."

Connie Weaver, a professor of nutrition science at Purdue University who was also not involved in the study, said she found it interesting. "This is the first study that I recall directly comparing cow milk with plant-based beverages for a physiological benefit," she wrote in an email. " We know that some of the plant beverages, almond especially, have lower protein contents so I have speculated that calcium absorption may be lower. This would suggest that cow's milk is superior." However, she says, "A wrong message would be if people who do not consume cow's milk would decide to avoid the plant-based milks also."

The study suggests that one reason for the difference in height might be that plant-based milks do not stimulate insulin-like growth factor, or IGF production as well as cow's milk does. Studies have found that adults with higher levels of certain IGFs have increased risks of reproductive cancers. "Having less IGF may compromise height but that may lower risk of fracture --and some cancers, too," professor Weaver said. Overall, she would advise parents that "cow's milk may be the best option, but plant-based beverages provide many needed nutrients like protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium," which is far better than what most kids might prefer to drink.

Professor Lanou would tell parents who are already giving plant-based milks to their children not to worry -- but to make sure their kids are getting enough protein from other sources throughout the day. "As a consumer and as a parent, you have to be pretty savvy when going to the grocery store to choose a non-cow's milk beverage that has similar nutritional value as cow's milk," she said. "Many of those beverages are marketed as being equivalent to cow's milk when they're not."

No rBST, No rBGH, No Genetically Engineered Hormones- In Our Products Mean Better And Healthier Cows

Ken Roseboro-The Organic & Non-GMO Report

Ken Roseboro has been called “the nation’s reporter on all issues surrounding genetically modified foods” by Acres USA magazine. He has written extensively about GM foods and the non-GMO trend since 1999

Monsanto Company is striking back against a trend among dairy processors to ban the use of the company’s genetically engineered hormone, recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), and to label their products as rBST-free. Monsanto recently sent letters to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaining of what it called “false and deceptive advertising” by rBST-free dairy processors and urged the agencies to crack down on such practices.

In a press release announcing its action, Monsanto states, “The two letters outline how certain milk labels and promotions that differentiate milk based on farmer use of POSILAC bovine somatotropin are misleading to consumers and do not meet the standards set by laws and regulations for either the Federal Trade Commission or the Food and Drug Administration.” Monsanto’s letter to the FDA states, “For years now, deceptive milk labeling practices have misled consumers about the quality, safety, or value of milk and milk products from cows supplemented with recombinant bovine somatotropin."

Monsanto’s letters were accompanied by examples of what the company called “false or misleading advertising” by 12 companies who produce rBST-free dairy products. Many of the examples came from the companies’ websites. For example, a statement from California-based Alta Deena Dairy’s website said, “No rBST in our products mean better and healthier cows.”

Rick North, project director, Program for Safe Food at Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility argues that dairy companies are not misleading consumers by promoting their products as rBST-free. “It’s crystal clear; they are saying they are rBST-free.” Mr North believes Monsanto is trying to intimidate dairy processors and dissuade them from labeling their products as rBST-free. John Thomas, president of Vermont-based Thomas Dairy, one of the dairies cited by Monsanto, acknowledged the biotech giant’s influence. “They’re a huge company, and they can put pressure on small companies like us to get in line with what they want.”

Controversy has surrounded rBST, also known as rBGH, since the FDA approved it in 1993. An estimated 20% of dairy cows in the United States are injected with rBST to increase milk production. Consumer groups claim that milk from cows injected with rBGH contains high levels of Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), which is considered a potent tumor promoter. A Canadian study found that rBST increased the risks of mastitis, failure to conceive, and lameness in cows. As a result, rBST is banned in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Most Popular Active Sunscreen Ingredient Avobenzone Breaks Down Into Something More Sinister In Chlorinated Water

Isabelle Z.

Slathering sunscreen on yourself and your kids before hitting the pool can do more harm than good. Russian scientists discover the destructive effects of chlorine in swimming pools on sunscreen. The scientists are now looking into how avobenzone breaks down in freshwater and sea water to see if similar dangers exist.

Researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University have discovered that the world’s most popular active sunscreen ingredient avobenzone, breaks down into something far more sinister in chlorinated water. Two of the chemicals it produces upon mixing with the water, phenols and acetyl benzenes, are of particular concern because of their toxicity. This reaction takes place on your wet skin when the sunscreen reacts to UV radiation and chlorinated water, and the chemicals have been linked to problems like immune system damage, infertility, and cancer.

In swimming pools that use copper salts to make the water look blue, this reaction is even worse. In that case, the sunscreen can break down into bromoform, a substance that has been linked to nervous system disorders, liver problems, and kidney problems. In addition to sunscreen, avobenzone is often used in moisturizers, creams and lipsticks that offer SPF. While there are still some unanswered questions about how far-reaching the effects of this reaction are, it is enough to warrant concern.

University of Kansas Health System Dermatologist Daniel Aires told the Kansas City Star “It can degrade into some very harmful compounds, some of which are known carcinogens. What isn’t known is how much is absorbed into the skin, or if it’s to a level that can cause, or potentially increase, the risk of cancer. But this is certainly alarming.” He added that people should be particularly cautious when it comes to using this type of sunscreen on young children, who might absentmindedly ingest the chemicals, for example, by licking their arms after swimming.

If you’re concerned about having safe sun protection, a physical sunblock like zinc oxide is a much safer bet. The Environmental Working Group has a comprehensive searchable database of sunscreens. You can find out which ingredients are in many popular sunscreens and view assessments of the dangers they pose to help you find a sunscreen that won’t put your health at risk.

☀You might also consider foregoing sunscreen if you’ll just be outside for a short time.

☀Spending 15 to 20 minutes outdoors is all it takes to help most people’s bodies produce an adequate amount of Vitamin D, which can help protect against many types of cancer.

☀It can also help to reverse vitamin D deficiency, which affects a disproportionate number of Americans and has been linked to diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

☀Sunscreen actually blocks your skin’s production of vitamin D, making deficiencies worse.

☀If you’ll be outdoors for a long time, you should still protect your skin, but you might want to first allow yourself some unprotected exposure so you can boost your Vitamin D production.

☀You can also turn to your diet to help build up your body’s natural sun resistance. Eating natural antioxidants has been shown to help your skin resist sunburn, so stock up on berries and other antioxidant-rich foods.

It’s a bit disconcerting to learn that something that is supposed to protect you can actually have the opposite effect, but it’s important to be aware of these situations so you do not have a false sense of security. Many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals, and now it appears that swimming pools can make them even more toxic.

Largest Field Study In The USA- Mosquitoes Being Released Are "Not Genetically Modified" Though They Are Made In A Lab

Amy Goodrich

On July 1, Google’s bio-lab began releasing the first batches of the 20 million bacteria-filled mosquitoes they plan to set free in the heart of California in an effort to shrink the population of mosquitoes that can carry life-threatening diseases. The project, called Debug Fresno, is an initiative led by Verily Life Sciences, an offshoot of Google’s parent company Alphabet, in collaboration with MosquitoMate and Fresno County’s Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District.

According to the scientists, the goal of the project is to cut the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes — which are known for spreading Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Over the course of 20 weeks, the company will release 1 million sterile, non-biting male mosquitoes in two 300-acre neighborhoods in Fresno County every week. During the experiment, Verily Life Sciences will monitor the population density and egg hatching among the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. These numbers will then be compared with the numbers from 2 control neighborhoods. The company expects to see a steep decline in the mosquito numbers in the target areas.

Releasing lab-bred mosquitoes into the wild! The mosquitoes being released are not genetically modified, though they are made in a lab. The male mosquitoes are bred by a robot and infected with Wolbachia, a bacterium that makes male mosquitoes sterile to any female that doesn’t have a Wolbachia infection herself. This makes it unable to successfully breed and will reduce the mosquito populations with every new generation.

Though Debug Fresno will be the largest field study in the United States to employ this pest control method, it is not the first time Wolbachia infected mosquitoes are being released in the Fresno County area. In 2016, the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District and MosquitoMate did a small-scale test experiment. Similar experiments have also been carried out, or are still ongoing, in Brazil, Vietnam, and Australia. If this large-scale trial is successful, a similar technique will be used around the globe to fight mosquitoes that transmit malaria or other mosquito-borne illnesses.

According to The Daily Mail UK Verily isn’t the only company hoping to use robotics and artificial intelligence to help stop the spread of deadly diseases. In Texas, for instance, Microsoft is experimenting with a “smart trap” that can isolate and capture Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

What could possibly go wrong? Theoretically, Debug Fresno may sound like a normal, harmless experiment that could reduce the number of biting Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Fresno County. The project, however, has turned the area into a test facility without the consent of its residents. “For the Debug team at Verily, moving our work from the laboratory to the field is not only an important milestone for our group of biologists, engineers, and automation experts, but it’s also a critical step in bringing our long-term vision to reality. Field studies allow us to test our discoveries and technologies in challenging, real-world conditions and collect the necessary evidence to bring them to a broader scale,” according to Verily's website. The Daily Coin, however, isn’t so sure about the company’s intention to release infected mosquitoes into the wild. Are these mosquitoes sorted correctly by gender and what if the Wolbachia mutates? If that happens we could have released something far worse than Zika into the world. Furthermore, giving scientists the permission to conduct field studies without the permission of citizens is just criminal. Though this might be a rather harmless experiment, what will stop these researchers from turning our neighborhoods into test facilities for less innocent experiments that could feed the depopulation agenda of the elite.

About 90 People In The U.S. Die Of An Opioid-Related Overdose Every Day

Denisse Moreno | IBTimes

President Trump’s national opioid commission, headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, failed to meet its second deadline with recommendation on various measures federal, state and local officials should take to tackle the epidemic. The report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, requested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said it will take years of “sustained and coordinated efforts” to “contain and reverse the harmful societal effects of the prescription and illicit opioid epidemics,” which go hand-in-hand and continue to spiral.

“The committee was very concerned and impressed at the size and scope of the opioid epidemic,” said David Clark, a professor of anesthesia at Stanford University who worked on the report, in a phone interview with International Business Times on Thursday. He added the crisis will “take years to unwind” because it “has been decades in the making.”

Principal Told Student That He Was Not Allowed To Wear His Uniform At His Senior Class' Graduation Ceremony

Fox News

Jacob Dalton Stanley graduated in December from Crown Point High School. He completed Marine boot camp on Friday, and flew home to attend his senior class' graduation ceremony. During practice, Principal Chip Pettit reportedly told Stanley that he was not allowed to wear his uniform at the weekend graduation. Stanley decided to wear his dress blues anyway.

Meanwhile, an early graduate and Marine from the nearby Hobart High School was encouraged to wear her uniform for graduation. Hobart schools superintendent Peggy Buffington told the Times of Northwest Indiana, “This year was especially nice, because Ana Kritikos graduated midterm and landed just in time for the graduation ceremony.” Ms Buffington described the occasion when past, present and future military were honored as a “patriotic moment where the audience roars with applause.” The Marines do not have a policy on dress for high school graduations, leaving the decision up to the individual school districts.

Principal Pettit, in addressing the issue regarding Stanley, said, “We have continued wearing the traditional gown, as this is the last formal event of the year and a celebration of the time our graduating seniors have spent at Crown Point High School. This tradition is not intended to be disrespectful to students, parents, or our community, but as a source of pride for our students. It is also not intended to be disrespectful to our students choosing to serve in the military, our active duty servicemen and women and our veterans. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis for our freedom."

Marine Stanley declined to comment, but his classmates were outraged. Fellow graduate Leann Tustison said, “if he wants to walk across the stage in his uniform -- that he worked so hard for and earned -- he should have the right to do that. That’s his achievement. They honored other people’s achievements whether they were in triathlon or other activities.” It’s not just Marine uniforms that are causing controversy throughout the country. In Kokomo, Ind., and Redlands, Calif., high school graduates enlisting in the U.S. Army were not allowed to wear their Army stoles over their robes at graduation. California student Elias Velazquez said his Army stole “means something really honorable to me; it’s a whole new life transition to me.” Joe Velazquez, Elias' father, shared his feelings toward the school's policy against any sort of adornments on graduation day. “It’s kinda defeating the purpose of achieving that greatness. We push our kids to strive and try to be better and do the best they can and then we tell them at their grad ceremony we need you to all be the same because we don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings,” said the senior Velazquez.

The Redlands School District stated that, “we are totally supportive of our men and women in the military. This has nothing to do with a lack of our support.” 




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