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October 27, 2017

Christian Media Daily


Hillary Clinton's Sale Of Uranium To The Russians Has Been Known For More Than Two Years

Steve Jordahl

Many are calling it the biggest story since the election, but virtually no one in the mainstream media is touching the bombshell revelations over the past week pointing to the collusion revealed between the Russians and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year. Since 2009, the FBI has been investigating bribery, kickbacks and money laundering in a scheme that involved the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and several other high officials of the Obama administration selling Russia the rights to 20% of all the uranium mined in the U.S, – not to mention former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation getting millions in speaking fees and other donations. Media Research Center points out that instead of reporting on this scandal, ABC, NBC and CBS – along with other mainstream outlets – were obsessing over the "Russia" matter with statements such as: Meddling and possible collusion between Russia and the Trump team ... connecting Manafort to Moscow ... could be contacts with the Russian ambassador.” In contrast, Geoff Dickens of the Media Research Center indicates that the media had little to say about the uranium bombshell.

Unclear How Long Campos Was Out Of The Country

Chris Perez | New York Post

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos mysteriously left the country just days after the Las Vegas massacre. Customs and Border Patrol documents show that the 25-year-old entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in California — one week after the mass shooting. Leaving the country after the tragedy is highly suspect even as a witness. It’s unclear what involvement Mr Campos has as a "witness" to this event. It is unclear how long Mr Campos was out of the country, where he went in Mexico, who did he visit, what was the nature of the trip out of the country especially at this time of unanswered questions. The documents only show that he re-entered the US. The young man reportedly crossed the border at the same location in January.

Terror Suspects Claim They Were Repeatedly Provoked And Encouraged By Government Operative


An informant working with German police encouraged Islamists to carry out terror attacks, according to reports in the German press. Stern, and several other news outlets, are reporting that an unnamed liaison officer between police and terrorists had “intensive contact” with Anis Amri, the Berlin Christmas Market attacker, and repeatedly encouraged him to “execute attacks in Germany”. The outlet claims that defense lawyers of several terror suspects have claimed the informant encouraged their clients to carry out attacks. “Let’s kill those non-believers. We need good men to do these attacks here in Germany,” he is alleged to have said, according to lawyer Ali Aydin.

Would Ultimately Wipe Out 90% Of The Population

Bruce Dorminey | Forbes

A new congressional report contends that a North Korean electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the U.S. would ultimately wipe out 90% of the population. To date, most discussion concerning the North Korean threat has been on whether the rogue state can accurately hit U.S. cities with its ICBMs. But in an EMP attack, such accuracy is not necessary because the pulse radius would be so large, says Peter Vincent Pry, who recently testified about the EMP threat before a congressional Homeland Security subcommittee. His conclusions are that such an EMP attack would wreak havoc across the whole of the continental U.S. Unlike a conventional ICBM which launches and then goes into a suborbital flight before re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, an EMP warhead need not re-enter Earth’s atmosphere before exploding hundreds of kilometers above its target. Super-EMP weapons are designed to produce a high level of gamma rays, which generate the sort of high-frequency electromagnetic pulse that is most damaging to the broadest range of electronics. And if the EMP device just happens to be part onboard an orbiting satellite, North Korea need only detonate the device remotely via encoded signal. Pry, Chief of Staff of the now de-funded Congressional EMP Commission, said at an altitude of 300 kilometers, the resulting electromagnetic pulse would affect all 48 contiguous states.

If Men They Say They Are Transgender Can Use Women's Restrooms, Locker Rooms, And Showers

Charlie Butts

A Massachusetts lawmaker is calling on others in the House and Senate to reverse a controversial transgender law. Governor Charlie Baker signed HB2321 into the lawbooks in 2016. The Bathroom Bill, as it became known, allows males to use women's restrooms, locker rooms, and showers in public facilities if they say they are transgender. Representative Jim Lyons remains opposed. He said, “We think that's simply inappropriate and something that we should not be promoting here in Massachusetts.” The legislation that was approved basically allows five-year-olds to determine whether they're boys or girls. Lyons hopes to convince lawmakers to revisit the subject and debate it again first in committee. “The focus, though, of our legislation is to get back to a normalcy where we recognize the difference between male and female,” he said. “We really think that ought to remain the norm as opposed to what this legislation does, which basically turns gender upside down.” The transgender law was passed by a substantial margin, so getting the proposal heard, let alone passed, will likely be an uphill battle.

Minimum Wage AKA "Minimum Income Schemes” Inevitably Mean More Powers For Brussels Bureaucrats


EUROPEAN Union Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are set to vote on handing more power over wages and social security standards of workers in Europe. Italian left-winger Laura Agea, says the laws already exist for the European Union (EU) to take control over something which national governments have previously assumed is solely their competence. The EU’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs stops short of guaranteeing a minimum wage but so-called “minimum income schemes” would inevitably mean handing more powers to Brussels bureaucrats in being able to determine wages and social security programs.

Theological Weakening - Church Divides Leadership And Teaching Roles

Bill Bumpas

Chicago's Willow Creek Community Church has named 2 successors to longtime Senior Pastor Bill Hybels - one of which is a woman. Heather Larson, serving as executive pastor at the popular mega-church in suburban Chicago for the past 5 years, has now been elevated to lead pastor. According to a Willow Creek press release, senior pastor Bill Hybels, who founded the church in 1975, will continue coaching and developing the leaders until he transitions off the church staff in October 2018. Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland does not believe this is the first time Willow Creek has been "a theological negative" for the American church landscape. "I definitely believe that the theological weakening of much of the American church is traceable at least in part to Willow Creek's influence of really trying to make church appealing rather than biblically accurate," he laments. McFarland, who co-hosts a Bible program on American Family Radio, says 1 Timothy 3:2 is very clear that the role of "undershepherd of the flock" should be occupied by men. "Women do much, much, much great ministry, and men and women are definitely in the eyes of God equal in worth, and value, and personhood, and dignity, but I see making a woman the senior pastor of a church as really a capitulation to acquiescing to the spirit of egalitarianism -- the secular mindset that there must be no differences between males and females," the apologist reasons. He says this action is "not faithful to the Word of God nor His design for the local church."

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno Of Springfield, Massachusetts Proud To Be Home To The One And Only Dr. Seuss Museum In The World

Adan Salazar | SGL CMN

The First Lady donated 10 Dr. Seuss titles to schools across the country in honor of National Read a Book Day, including, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” which Melania indicated she’d read to her son Barron “over and over.” Cambridge Public Schools librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro thanked Melania for the “wonderful gesture,” but ultimately labeled Seuss works “a bit of a cliche” and said her library “would not be keeping the titles for our collection” due to their racist nature. One “fact that many people are unaware of is that Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes,“ Soeiro wrote in response to the First Lady. The rude Librarian Ms Soeiro explained. “Open his book, Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, for example, and you’ll see the racist mockery in his art.“ The ill-mannered librarian also pointed to a School Library Journal article entitled, “Is the Cat in the Hat Racist? Read Across America Shifts Away from Dr. Seuss and Toward Diverse Books,” which analyzed the “minstrel characteristics and trope nature of Seuss’s characters,” as an example of why Seuss books are racist. The impertinent Ms Soeiro also referenced a book by Philip Nel, Was The Cat In The Hat Black? The Hidden Racism of Children’s Literature, and the Need for Diverse Books, as proof the beloved children’s author embraced a racist ideology. A Librarian-educator of such disrespectful for the first Lady wrote, "dear-mrs-trump/#_" was a wonderful gesture, if one that could have been better thought out,” Seuss’s grandnephew, Ted Owens, also took issue with the librarians’ representation of his great uncle’s works, defending the books and their numerous make-believe characters. “I know one thing for sure — I never saw one ounce of racism in anything he said, or how he lived his life, or what his stories were about.” I think her comments ‘stink’ and are ridiculous towards our beloved Dr. Seuss. Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, we’re extremely proud to be home to the one and only Dr. Seuss Museum in the world. By the way, attendance has been through the roof, too”!

“Jarring Racial Stereotype Of A Chinese Man, Who Is Depicted With Chopsticks, A Pointed Hat And Slanted Slit Eyes,” Complaint Reads

Fox News | SGL CMN

A Massachusetts museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss says it will replace a mural featuring a Chinese character from one of his books after 3 authors said they would boycott an event due to the “jarring racial stereotype.” The mural features illustrations from the author’s first children’s book, “And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.” 3 children’s authors signed a letter and posted it to social media explaining why they take issue with the mural’s depiction and declined an invitation to the museum’s inaugural Children’s Literature Festival, which was set for Oct. 14 before being canceled. The book in which the character appears, published in 1937, was the first by the author Theodor Geisel, who went on to become a giant of children’s literature under the name Dr. Seuss. “While the image may have been considered amusing to some when it was published 80 years ago, it is obviously offensive people in 2017”, the authors said in their letter. The letter was addressed to the Springfield Museums, an organization that includes the Dr. Seuss museum and 4 other museums, and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which oversees Mr. Geisel’s brand. Hours later, the 2 organizations announced that the mural would be replaced

‘The Russia Thing Was Democrats Excuse For Losing The Election’

Adan Salazar

President Trump blasted Democrats, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the fake Russian dossier at an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn Wednesday. Addressing the fallout from revelations contained in a Washington Post article which claimed the Clinton campaign and DNC funded research that led to the Russian “peegate” dossier, Trump asserted Democrats felt the need to come clean only after realizing everything would soon be revealed in court. “This fake dossier was made up, and I understand they paid a tremendous amount of money,” Trump said. “And Hillary Clinton always denied it, the Democrats always denied it, and now only because it’s going to come out in a court case they said yes they did it, they admitted it, and they’re embarrassed by it. But I think it’s a disgrace. It’s just really a very sad commentary on politics in this country.”

Former British Spy Exposes Friction Among House, Senate Investigators And Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Ali Watkins

An overseas trip to contact a former British spy exposes friction among House, Senate investigators and special counsel Robert Mueller. Two Republican House Intelligence Committee staffers traveled to London earlier this summer to track down the former British intelligence operative who compiled a controversial dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia, according to 3 people familiar with the matter.

The previously unreported trip underscores the importance of the 35-page dossier Christopher Steele wrote last year to congressional probes into possible collusion between Moscow and the 2016 Trump campaign. It also has inflamed simmering tensions between House and Senate investigators as they pursue simultaneous probes into the Trump-Russia connection. House Intelligence Committee Republicans did not tell Democrats on the panel, the Senate Intelligence Committee nor special counsel Robert Mueller’s office that the investigators were pursuing Steele, a former agent for Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence service. The House staffers left their contact information at 2 addresses associated with Steele. One of those locations was Steele’s lawyer’s office, where the former spy was meeting with his counsel when the House investigators showed up.

Senate officials—whom NBC News has reported were negotiating their own interview with Steele—fear the aggressive move could spook Steele and derail his potential cooperation with their own probe. One Senate official also expressed frustration that any details about congressional investigations were coming out in the press. “Every time something comes out ... we take 3 steps back,” the official said.

The London trip has also angered Democrats in both chambers of Congress, who were not consulted by their colleagues before the investigators knocked on Steele’s door. Democrats fear House investigators are more interested in discrediting the dossier than trying to substantiate its allegations. Some Republicans, meanwhile, distrust their Democratic colleagues—suspecting them of maintaining a back channel to Steele to discuss the allegations in the dossier, something the Republicans say would be inappropriate. Steele was contracted during the 2016 campaign by Fusion GPS, a U.S.-based opposition research firm. Republicans have accused Fusion GPS of fostering links to Russia, and say Fusion lobbied on behalf of Kremlin interests without properly registering as a foreign agent, a claim which Fusion denies. “What is clear is that the president and his allies are desperately trying to smear Fusion GPS because it investigated Donald Trump's ties to Russia,” Tracy Schmaler, a representative for Fusion GPS, said in a statement.

U.S. intelligence officials acquired the dossier last year and briefed President Obama, then-president-elect Trump and congressional leaders about its contents. BuzzFeed News, which had obtained the document, published it soon after. Congressional investigators are trying to determine who funded the dossier, the veracity of its salacious allegations and how the document made its way into the hands of the media last summer.

The 53-year-old Steele has said almost nothing publicly since he went into hiding after the dossier was made public, enraging Trump officials and many Republicans who denounced it as a compilation of false statements and innuendo.




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