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November 24, 2017

Christian Media Daily

The Apocalypse Chronicles TV Program – 2 Hours of Bible Prophecy – Updated Each Week

This week on the video program, James Lloyd continues the extraordinary look at the stunning phenomenon of Twin Timelines, and reviews how these help us to understand the true nature of the powers of the heavens -- in particular, the Triuniverse concept of how the Spiritual Architecture conforms to Zechariah's 13th chapter wherein two parts are finite, and the third part is of the LORD. With this, we may identify the LORD, the Antichrist Spirit, and the Spirit of the False Prophet. The media players on this page play the radio version of the program, and the media player that plays the video program is found HERE.

Truth About IRS Targeting Conservative Groups Would Set Of Firestorm

The Washington Times

Former IRS executive Lois Lerner told a federal court last week that members of her family face death threats and a real risk of physical harm if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal becomes public. Ms. Lerner and Ms. Holly Paz, her deputy at the IRS, filed documents in court Thursday said tapes and transcripts of depositions they gave in a court case this year must remain sealed in perpetuity, or else they could spur an enraged public to retaliate. “Whenever Lerner and Paz have been in the media spotlight, they have faced death threats and harassment,” attorneys for the two women argued.

Examines The Wholesale Level Of Hostility Directed Toward The President


Twin Timelines author James Lloyd of the Christian Media ministry (the publisher of the ChristianMediaDaily news) has stated the written examination of the Spiritual powers being manifested in the Twin Timelines prophecy series explains the mystifying phenomena related to the unprecedented level of hatred of the President of the United States. Much of the American public has been baffled by the continuing, wholesale level of hostility directed toward Donald Trump. Noting that Chapter XVI of the ongoing Internet published prophecy series examines the character traits of the Spiritual entities the Serpents and the Scorpions (the 2 parts which are “cut off” in Zechariah 13:8 which oppose the “third part” in the same text), consistently features a mindless wrath on the part of the Scorpions and, using this formula, the series have successfully provided multiple predictions related to the recent political turmoil in America. The political cartoon on this news page addresses this phenomenon, and the current installment of Twin Timelines may be seen at CMRI dot TV.

Google Was Able To Track User Locations Through Triangulation

The Verge

Android phones gather your location data and send it to Google, even if you’ve turned off location services and don’t have a SIM card, Quartz reported today. The term "location services" oftentimes refers to exact GPS data for app usage, such as Google Maps finding your best commute route, or Uber figuring out exactly where you’re standing to let drivers know your pickup point. Quartz’s report details a practice in which Google was able to track user locations by triangulating which cell towers were currently servicing a specific device.

Students To Atheists: Don’t Mess With Texas Christian Flag

Michael F. Haverluck

After the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) discovered that the ‘Come and Take It Flag’ donning a Christian cross that was flown during the Texas Revolution was hanging from a flagpole at LaPoynor High School, ordered the school district to remove it. This move only motivated students to fly the flag all the more. The Christian students moved the it right in front of their high school — just outside of the campus boundaries. LaPoyor High School senior Sarah Barnes insisted to East Texas Matters (ETM). “It’s us students – it’s whatever we want to put up.” She said that the students claimed victory in the matter over FFRF in more ways than one. “Actually, we put 2 more flags on poles that aren’t on school property over there, and now the kids are flying them on their trucks,” she added. Before the controversial flag was removed from the high school campus, an attorney with the Wisconsin based FFRF– which represents atheists, agnostics and freethinkers – issued a letter to the local school district, ordering officials to stop the flag from being displayed on campus. “It is unconstitutional for the school to display the Christian flag, FFRF attorney Sam Grover argued to the district’s superintendent, James Young, in a letter. The display of this patently religious symbol by the District confers government endorsement of Christianity, in violation of the Establishment Clause. The Christian students’ then simply moved the flag off campus. Even though FFRF now acknowledges that students can basically do what they want, the atheist group insists that the move was an act of intimidation, but students could not disagree more. The Christian students were merely standing up for their convictions. “They’re willing to put it all out there for what they believe in,” Shaine Snyder, a mother of a student at LaPoynor pointed out, according to ETM. Students are exhibiting the same boldness that their Texan ancestors displayed more than a century ago when they were fighting for their independence and flew the flag. “It has long been a symbol of defiance in Texas”. “The original ‘Come and Take itflag flew as a message to Mexican troops, ordered to forcibly remove cannons from the possession of Texan forces.” Student are justified, it all comes down to the students standing for their Christian beliefs against a group that has relentlessly endeavored to eradicate every vestige of Christianity from public school campuses across the nation. The Freedom from Religion Foundation says the students are using intimidation tactics. The students say that ultimately, they’re defending their faith.

I Think People Want To Know The Truth About History And What’s Going On In This Country — Occupy Wall Street Is Indicative Of That

Campus Reform

A peer education program at SUNY Albany recently held a meeting to discuss how Thanksgiving is allegedly a commemoration of mass murder. Hosted by the C.H.A.R.G.E. Peer Education Program, posters originally advertised the meeting as NO THANKS GIVING; Do you know what you are celebrating this Thanksgiving. The name of the event was subsequently changed to "Thanks/Friends Giving," only after someone complained about the original name. We simply wanted to shed light on the Native American experience, and where they were during this time in history, C.H.A.R.G.E. Director Liery Santos told Campus Reform. "We know the Native Americans were already occupying this part of the world, but now live in reservations. The conditions in these reservations are awful, considering Native Americans were already here." The event took place Tuesday night and was sparsely attended. Bibi Chaterateach, a senior at SUNY Albany and C.H.A.R.G.E. member, pointed out the view of Thanksgiving through the Native American perspective. Thanksgiving takes on different meanings for different groups, she noted that for Native Americans, "Thanksgiving is a day of mourning." She reference an article from The Final Call whch explained why Native Americans view Thanksgiving as a "celebration of genocide." In that article, Mahtowin Munro, co–leader of the United American Indians of New England, claims that "the holiday in reality has bloody roots," in contrast to "this myth that the wonderful Pilgrims came here from Europe and were so kind and good to the Native people who were here and lived happily ever after." Rather, Munro claims that the real origins of Thanksgiving stem from a proclamation in colonial times giving thanks for the safe return of a militia unit that had massacred 700 Pequots, many of them elders, women, and children. Yet while the story serves as a stark contrast to the conventional tale of Squanto and the Pilgrims holding a feast to celebrate their newfound friendship, neither Pilgrims nor Native Americans have historically factored into presidential Thanksgiving Proclamations.

According to The History Channel generic proclamations of thanksgiving were issued annually until 1815, when Thomas Jefferson ended the practice for fear of infringing on the separation of church and state. The practice was revived in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, who at the height of the Civil War established the fourth Thursday of November as an annual day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens,” asking citizens to demonstrate "humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience", while asking God to, "heal the wounds of the nation." Ms Munro, whose organization hosts an annual "Day of Mourning" to commemorate the struggles of Native Americans, acknowledged the 1863 proclamation establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday, but argued that it is also important to remember that America’s wealth is built on enslavement, genocide, and theft of indigenous land. She then justified Occupy Wall Street as being indicative of people trying to break free of mental shackles and understand things and speak with each other. Mark Anquoe, a member of the International Indian Treaty Council and American Indian Movement, concurred with Munro, speculating that traditional Thanksgiving narratives actually have a negative psychological impact on Native Americans.

Everyone From Employees To Volunteers And Even Vendors Must Get The Flu Shot Or Get Approved Religious/Medical Exemption— Or Leave

For dozens of employees at Essentia Health, Monday meant coming to work not knowing whether they would be employed on Tuesday. Dr Rajesh Prabhu, Essentia Health chief of patient quality and safety said it was essential that he take a mandatory approach on the policy of flu shots. “Purely voluntary or more education doesn’t get you those high levels of immunization compliance,” Dr. Prabhu told all employees, volunteers, students and vendors that they have 3 options: get the flu shot, get an approved religious or medical exemption, or leave Essentia. So far, he said 99.5% of employees have chosen the first 2 options. But 50 or so have been terminated, with more left waiting to hear back on their exemptions.

Full Head Swap Between Brain Dead Organ Donor Is The Next Stage

London Telegraph

The world’s first human head transplant has been carried out on a corpse in China in an 18–hour operation that showed it was possible to successfully reconnect the spine, nerves and blood vessels. At a press conference in Vienna on Friday morning, Italian Professor Sergio Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuro Modulation Group, announced that a team at Harbin Medical University had “realized the first human head transplant” and said an operation on a live human will take place “imminently”. The operation was carried out by a team led by Dr Xiaoping Ren, who last year successfully grafted a head onto the body of a monkey. Prof Canavero, said, “The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage.”

Church Buries Itself After Embracing LGBT Agenda

Bill Bumpas

Less than 3 years after ultra–progressive GracePointe Church was profiled in TIME magazine for allowing same–-sex couples to “marry” inside its doors, it has been on the brink of collapse and recently made the decision to sell its building in Tennessee’s conservative Williamson County in order to move to a more liberal climate in Nashville. According to the Nashville Tennessean, the Franklin campus of Cross Point just signed a lease agreement with GracePointe and has the option to purchase the property, which it will move into soon. Cross Point Church is growing by leaps and bounds in the greater Nashville area, and it recently has made its strong adherence to biblical authority and the accuracy of God’s Word clear. “While Cross Point’s ministry is innovative, what we believe about God is not,” Cross Point’s website reads. “Our core beliefs are centered in Christ and His message as found in the Bible.” Institute on Religion & Democracy Communications Manager Jeff Walton points out that GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tennessee, was once an evangelical congregation, but in 2015, its pastor, Stan Mitchell, decided to lead the church in affirming the homosexual agenda. Walton explained that the congregation experienced an immediate decline in numbers after straying away from God’s Word on social issues, and he says that there is no sign that the dwindling congregation will stop its downward spiral any time soon.

Pastors ‘Bless’ Abortion Clinic, Its Staff And The Patients

Charlie Butts

Men and women of the cloth in Ft. Worth, Texas, may not know the history of the abortion chain they have blessed. The clinic, owned by Whole Woman’s Health, hosted a group of pastors from several different denominations to bless the clinic, its staff, and patients using the facility to terminate the lives of their pre-born babies. Kyleen Wright spoke with Texans for Life Coalition, who says it was a real photo–op for the pro–abortion secular press. “What maybe people don’t realize is this particular chain, Whole Woman’s, has a history of really trying to change the narrative and to present themselves as some sort of holistic group of women,” Ms Wright says. She adds that Whole Woman’s Health pretends to care about women, but nothing could be further from the truth. Whole Woman’s Health has repeatedly been cited by the state for unhealthy conditions in some of its abortuaries and filed the successful lawsuit overturning part of Texas’ abortion clinic regulations. Ms Wright believes it is a tragedy that pastors or any church leaders would bless a facility with the express purposeof ending the lives of innocent children. We have a lot of empirical data and a lot of anecdotal data that abortion hurts women, and kills babies.

A Great Evil …These Parents Deprived The Boy And Another Child Of Food — As A Form Of Punishment

CBS affiliate KMOV

JERSEYVILLE, Ill.  An Illinois father and stepmother are charged with first–degree murder in the starvation death of their 6–year–old boy who authorities say weighed just 17 pounds when he died last week. Police say the boy’s father, Michael Roberts, and the boy’s stepmother, Georgena Roberts, deprived the boy and another child of food "as a form of punishment."  The pair, both 42, also face a felony count of child endangerment related to the boy who died and a misdemeanor count of child endangerment for their treatment of their 7–year–old son. They remained in custody Tuesday after a judge ordered their bail be set at $500,000 each. Police were called to a hospital in the southern Illinois community of Jerseyville on Friday regarding a dead child, who, according to the Jersey County state’s attorney’s office, was brought to the hospital by his father. The couple, according to criminal complaint, “knowingly and intentionally caused (the boy) to become extremely malnourished, leaving the 6–year–old child to starve to death.” The complaint alleges, “the couple withheld food and nourishment on a regular and consistent basis between December 2015 and the date of the boy’s death.” When he died, the boy weighed about a third of what a typical 6–year–old weighs. An autopsy conducted on the child revealed the cause of death was "failure to thrive due to extreme malnourishment." Toxicology and other tests are pending. Police say the boy had 3 siblings and 2 step siblings who lived with him in the family’s home in Jerseyville, about 40 miles north of St. Louis. All of the surviving children were taken into protective custody by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Attorneys for Michael and Georgena Roberts did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

We Want To Thank God – Our Prayers Have Been Answered We Have Suffered For 37 Years

VOA News

Mugabe faced growing pressure to resign since the military took over the state institutions last week, when they put him and his wife Grace under house arrest. Zimbabwe’s parliament speaker says Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the country’s new president on Friday. The announcemand of the resignation of longtime leader Robert Mugabe came on was Wednesday as Mnangagwa was due to return to Zimbabwe. The former vice president abruptly fled the country November 6 after Mugabe fired him. Car horns blared as people danced, cheered and waved in the capital, Harare, to celebrate the news of Mugabe’s departure. “This is a breakthrough… We are super excited as Zimbabweans and we want to thank God. Our prayers have been answered. We have suffered a lot for 37 years.” John Campbell, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said because Mnangagwa played such a key role in Mugabe’s administration, he does not anticipate a dramatic change in the style of governance in the short term. Nevertheless, the fact that there has been a coup, the fact that Mugabe has resigned, opens the range of possibilities. Whether or not the Zimbabwean people will take advantage of that it is too soon to tell.

The 93-year-old Mugabe had ruled Zimbabwe since the country won independence from Britain in 1980. The president was often criticized for human rights abuses that included the beatings, torture and killings of his political opponents. Western countries imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his allies after his supporters began seizing white-owned farmland in 2000. Zimbabwe’s farm output and economy plummeted when the land was given to blacks with little experience in large–scale farming. Criticism intensified in 2008, after inflation reached 231 million % and Zimbabwe was forced to abandon its currency, the Zimbabwean dollar. The country experienced new economic problems in recent years, as corruption and Mugabe’s heavy–handed economic policies scared away investors. The U.S. embassy in Zimbabwe called Tuesday a historic moment for Zimbabwe and said the country must move toward free elections in which Zimbabweans choose their own leaders.

A Texas Department Of Public Safety Police Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty On Thanksgiving

ABC News

Trooper Damon Allen was returning to his patrol vehicle at about 4 p.m. following the stop when he was shot by a rifle. According to Texas DPS officials after Trooper Allen make contact with the driver, he returned to his patrol car when the suspect fired multiple shots from a rifle. Mr Allen was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The suspect, 32–year–old Dabrett Montreal Black, fled the scene before being arrested around 9 p.m. in Waller County, just northeast of Houston after a brief shootout and fleeing on foot. The manhunt by authorities found him near a field of hay bales, according to social media posts and emergency scanners. Black is now receiving treatment for a canine bite, police said. Last month, Dabrett Montreal Black of Lindale was indicted by a grand jury after a car chase that ended when the suspect crashed into a Smith County sheriff deputy’s car. Shortly after news of Trooper Allen’ murder Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement expressing his condolences to the officer’s family, writing on Twitter, "Sad on Thanksgiving to lose one of our state troopers in the line of duty. Prayers for his family. Swift justice for his killer."



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This book includes the astonishing prophetic metaphor wherein Jonah, symbolizing Old Covenant Israel, resists the call to prophesy to the Gentiles, and sails to Europe to escape the LORD's will. Swallowed up in symbolic Death – and then deposited back onto the land, where the Christ rejecting state re-emerges in 1948 as an involuntary witness, Jonah is an important figure in prophecy. Meanwhile, true Spiritual Israel is seen passing through the sea, walking in the will of the LORD, at the Exodus, even as the earthdwellers (the Egyptian host in the text) are destroyed.
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Many Christian preachers and prophecy authors are now embracing a variation on the ancient "revived Roman Empire" lie with a scenario in which the end times "Antichrist" arrives as a powerful leader from the Islamic world. Leaning on Islamic prophecy itself, in the process of presenting their case in books, television programs, and speaking engagements, these false prophets are pitching another gospel (II Corinthians 11:4) which fails to recognize the truth about the Spiritual entities – commonly identified as Antichrist and The False Prophet -- found in Revelation.
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The mysterious passage in Revelation, related to the Beast in prophecy, is one of the most enigmatic themes in Scripture. Now, in the new book Even He Is The Eighth, prophecy figure James Lloyd has developed a coherent, compelling probe of how this subject leads to far more than the identification of Antichrist, as it breaks down the processes involved in how mankind responds to Spiritual stimuli.
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The Collective
The Collective details how the Spiritual entity is essentially the opposite of the body of Christ. Symbolically articulated in the book of Revelation as the Image of the Beast, the Spiritual formation could also be described as the body of Antichrist. This polarity places the body of Christ on one end of the Spiritual spectrum, and the body of Antichrist on the other.
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Lord Lord

Lord Lord - Book
Those Famous words, familiar to Christians reading the New Testament, are spoken at the time of judgement, when the Bible says MANY will be turned away. Most believers are also aware of the ominous response in which Christ tells this "many" to depart from Him, as He never knew them.
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American Babylon

American Babylon - Book
Written in 2011, American Babylon represents a return to the begining for author James Lloyd. His first published work, Beyond Babylon, was written 20 years ago, and 60 titles later, American Babylon reflects the prophetic depth that decades of research and study can generate.
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A new television presentation from James Lloyd, the Aliyah (a word which means to ascend) to Jerusalem was installed in the heart of the law and the prophets.
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The Fig Tree - DVD
A new DVD addressing the metephor used by Jesus Christ indentifying Israel as the Fig Tree. Drawn from the Apocalypse Chronicles TV Show featuring James Lloyd, this 2 hour video presents the multiple analogies in which Israel is seen in the similitude of a Fig Tree.
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Prophecies Of The Pre-Messiah - DVD
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