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January 26, 2018

Christian Media Daily

The Apocalypse Chronicles TV Program – 2 Hours of Bible Prophecy – Updated Each Week

This week on the video program, James Lloyd continues the extraordinary look at the stunning phenomenon of Twin Timelines. In past programs, James has repeatedly cited the heavenly architecture revealed in Zechariah, where two parts are finite -- as the text says they will be "cut off and die." This week, using the episode where the Israelite men joined themselves to Baal peor and the women of Moab, James compares this to the recently revealed statistic showing two thirds of Christian men regularly view pornography -- but God is calling His Remnant to be the "third part" which He purifies. The media players on this page play the radio version of the program, and the media player that plays the video program is found HERE.

Seditious Officials In Sanctuary State Threaten Employers With Legal Repercussions If They Assist Federal Immigration Officials


California Attorney General Xavier Becerra reports that there may be wide–spread federal immigration raids planned for California’s capital, Sacramento. Becerra warned employers they must comply with a new California law that limits their cooperation with immigration officials or face legal repercussions if they assist federal immigration officials in an impending crackdown in the sanctuary state. Becerra said, under the new state law, the Immigration Worker Protection Act, employers and businesses could face fines of up to $10,000 if they provide employee information to U.S. Immigration Customs.

20 Border Patrol Sectors: Include 9 Sectors Along Southwest Border with Mexico, 8 Along Northern Border With Canada, 3 Along Nation’s Coastal Border

Terence P. Jeffrey

Only 42.1% of the "deportable aliens" apprehended along the U.S.–Mexico border were citizens of Mexico, according to the U.S. Border Patrol. U.S. Customs and Border Protection report data collected include a significant majority—57.9%—came from 111 other countries. In fact, during fiscal year 2017, the Border Patrol apprehended deportable aliens along the U.S.–Mexico border who came from 84 countries that are not in the Americas. According to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spreadsheet, the Border Patrol apprehended a total of 310,531 “deportable aliens” in all 20 Border Patrol sectors. (These include 9 sectors along the Southwest Border with Mexico, 8 along the Northern Border with Canada, and 3 along the nation’s Coastal Border.) The top 3 countries that ranked after Mexico for having their citizens apprehended illegally entering the USA along the U.S.–Mexico border were from Central American countries. These were Guatemala (65,871), El Salvador (49,760) and Honduras (47,260), who ranked second, third and fourth. In fact, the Border Patrol apprehended more citizens of India in its 9 sectors along the U.S.–Mexico border than citizens of Brazil (2,621) or Ecuador (1,429), which ranked sixth and seventh for having illegally entered the USA were apprehended on the Southwest Border. The Peoples Republic of China ranked eighth, Nicaragua, which ranked ninth.

The Largest Fentanyl Seizure In U.S. History — Enough To Kill 32 Million People

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin the "number one killer drug" in America. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, nearly all of the fentanyl in America is from Mexico. DEA agents say recent arrests reflect an emerging pattern, as Mexican trafficking groups ­attempt to turn New York City into their Northeast distribution hub. They operate with ­quasi–corporate sophistication and an inconspicuous, transient presence, sending sales teams to deliver staggering quantities of drugs and then quietly disappear. This year, narcotics agents have seized more than 350 pounds of pure fentanyl in New York City, 10 times as much as they did in 2016. A calculated business decision appears to be behind the boom. The cartels realize that fentanyl is much more profitable than heroin, said James Hunt, head of the DEA’s New York Division.

DACA Required Graduation From High School Or GED Certificate, No Felony Convictions Nor Significant Misdemeanor

Hans von Spakovksy

Writing in The Daily Signal, American attorney Hans von Spakovksy (whose parents were immigrants) points out some things about DACA and “Dreamers.” Claims that Dreamers were brought here as children and have never known another country or customs may be true of a small portion of the DACA population, but it is not true of all who received amnesty by virtue of having come to the U.S. before their 16th birthday and being under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012. DACA required enrollment in school, graduation from high school, a GED certificate, or honorable discharge from the military; no conviction for a felony or significant misdemeanor; and not posing a threat to national security or public safety. However, the Obama administration routinely waived the education requirement as long as the alien was enrolled in some kind of program. Less than half of DACA beneficiaries have a high school education despite the fact that a majority of them are adults.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch suggest that background checks for DACA applicants only vetted a randomly–selected few and because DACA only excluded individuals for convictions, an illegal alien might have committed multiple crimes of which he or she was not convicted and would still be eligible.

English fluency was not a DACA requirement and in fact, the original application asked if the form had been read to applicants in a language in which they were fluent, which doesn’t comport with the argument that Dreamers are children who don’t speak the language of their native countries. Studies estimate that a quarter of the DACA–eligible population is functionally illiterate and another 46% have only ‘basic’ English ability. It thus seems that a high percentage of DACA beneficiaries have serious limitations in their education, experience, and English fluency that negatively affect their ability to function here.

Of the 33 million legal immigrants admitted to this country since 1982, 60% came by “chain migration,” where a legal immigrant sponsors others for entry. The average immigrant has sponsored 3.45 others but it may be higher for DACA beneficiaries since most were from Mexico and on average they sponsor 6.38 others. Providing amnesty attracts more illegal aliens and will not reduce enforcement problems along our borders and interior. Allowing illegal aliens to enter and remain here must be discouraged. Until that is done, it is unwise, unfair, and illegal to consider a DACA–type bill or amnesty for those who are not here legally.

Jackhammers, Saws, Torches, Climbing Devices No Match For Barrier Prototypes

Adan Salazar

US Special Forces were unable to conquer border wall prototypes in San Diego, a promising sign a physical barrier will deter criminals. After weeks of attempts, Florida–based members of the elite military group as well as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents couldn’t breach or scale the 8 models designed to meet President Trump’s calls for a "big, beautiful" wall. "We’ve put the Special Forces to go up against this wall and they can’t defeat this wall. If the Special Forces can’t defeat the wall, the criminal cartels are not gonna defeat the wall either," said president of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd. The prototypes, 4 made of concrete and 4 built from other materials, were subjected to strenuous tests for 3 weeks, including from jackhammers, saws, torches and other tools. The 30–foot height of the structures also presented a deadly challenge for testers. The highly trained testers scaled 16 to 20 feet unassisted but needed help after that, said the official who described the assaults on the wall prototypes. Testers also expressed safety concerns about getting down from 30 feet. "We want to be able to see the threats that are coming up to the wall. If we can see that, then we can defend against it,"

Border Wall Funding In Exchange for DACA Immigration Deal

Adan Salazar

Trump used the wall as a bargaining chip ahead of the spending bill debate last week which led to a government shutdown, calling for border wall funding in exchange for any DACA immigration deal. On Monday the Department of Homeland Security announced they were waiving over 30 environmental rules in New Mexico to expedite the wall’s construction. The administration is still working to secure additional funding for the project, which would run from Texas through California where geographical features do not provide natural barriers.

Border States Enjoyed Decline In Cartel Crime, While Nationwide Legalization May Mean Billions

Charles Fain Lehman | Free Beacon

Southwestern border states that legalize medical marijuana see a notable decline in violent crime rates, especially in border counties and as compared against states that do not, a recently released study concluded. The study, published in the journal of the Royal Economic Society, is an effort to provide empirical evidence for the claim that the legalization of medical marijuana reduces the violent activity of Mexican drug trafficking organizations, which are overwhelmingly the suppliers of marijuana in America. A drop in violence, the study’s authors argue, would be because legal marijuana regimes allow local farmers to enter the market, in turn cutting the profits for Mexican drug traffickers. Violence is expensive, they note, and so a cut in profits should drive down violence as traffickers have less incentive to use violent force to keep control of customers and territory.

Cartel Leader, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Awaits Trial In Lower Manhattan

Chris Menahan

According to DEA intelligence gleaned from wiretaps, about 80% of the fentanyl seized in the New York area appears to be linked to Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. The organization remains North America’s dominant trafficking group, even as its leader, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, awaits trial in a maximum–security jail in Lower Manhattan. The Sinaloa cartel is just one of many Mexican cartels. The Los Angeles Times’ liberal writer Sam Quinones documented in his book "Dreamland" how all the heroin in America is also coming from Mexico. Earlier this year, Mexico’s Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jorge Castañeda Gutman suggested Mexico should stop "cooperating" with the US by keeping their drugs out of America because Donald Trump is ending our 2 countries "friendly relationship." We need a wall and we need it now.

In 2016 When The Killings Occurred, Man Was Arrested And Released Twice… Prior To The Killings

Benjamin Brown | Fox News

The father of one of 5 victims killed by an illegal immigrant in 2016 has filed a lawsuit against U.S. immigration officials for missing 2 chances to detain and deport the Mexican national prior to the killings. Pablo Serrano–Vitorino, 42, was charged with 5 counts of first–degree murder after he allegedly killed 4 men in Kansas City, Kansas, and later killed another man in Missouri before he was captured, prosecutors said. In 2016 when the killings occurred, Serrano–Vitorino was arrested and released twice, according to the lawsuit, filed on behalf of the father of Austin Harter, who was one of the Kansas victims, the Kansas City Star reported.

Demand Immediate Amnesty And The Release Of All Illegals In Detention Centers


Illegal alien activists stormed the home of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the offices of Democrats demanding immediate amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens in the United States, as well as the release of all illegal aliens who are in detention centers for crossing the U.S.–Mexico border illegally. Illegal aliens and open borders activists with "United We Dream," a group that is partially funded by globalist billionaire George Soros, blocked off streets in Brooklyn, New York to protest Schumer’s vote to cave and reopen the federal government without an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens being included in the government  funding bill. "If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!" illegal alien activists shouted outside the New York liberal’s home on Tuesday.

Supporters Of The Legislation Say It Will Set Clear Rules That Limit Use Of Soldiers To Fight Crime


Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) may take legal action against a bill that would enshrine into law the use of the army in the country’s long war against drug cartels, saying it could ask that the measure be ruled unconstitutional. Known as the Law of Internal Security, it will formally regulate the deployment of the military in Mexico more than a decade after the government dispatched it to fight drug cartels in a conflict that has claimed well over 100,000 lives. Bucking widespread protests from rights groups, Congress on Friday gave a green light to the law, which was backed by the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party and some members of the center–right opposition National Action Party. It will now head to President Enrique Pena Nieto’s desk to be signed into law.

Alleged assassin ‘Scarface’ identified as working with faction of Los Zetas known as Cartel of the North

Brandon Darby, Ildefonso Ortiz | Breitbart

An alleged Mexican cartel assassin was caught after illegally entering Texas on a remote stretch of border in the Del Rio Sector. The alleged assassin, Jose Antonio Hernandez Rangel, is known as "Scarface" and he has been identified by Mexican authorities as working with a faction of Los Zetas known as CDN, or Cartel of the North. CDN is the Los Zetas faction in control of and headquartered in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, immediately across the border from Laredo, Texas. Scarface is currently being held in the Val Verde Detention Center and is set to be deported back to Mexico on February 15, 2018, according to multiple law enforcement sources in both Mexico and in the U.S. All law enforcement sources who spoke with Breitbart Texas did so on the condition of anonymity. The U.S. sources fear loss of their jobs if their identities are revealed and the Mexican sources fear loss of their lives or the lives of their families. Breitbart has seen all needed documentation to verify the sources’ claims, but agreed to not publish them. The 27–year–old suspected cartel assassin crossed the U.S.–Mexico Border near Jiménez, Coahuila, which is between Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas, on the U.S. side.

17 People Officially Recognized As Abductees — At Least 100 Abducted Japanese Are Suspected

Kyodo News

Families of Japanese individuals suspected to have been abducted by North Korea called on the international community Friday to support their struggle to find out the fates of their loved ones ahead of their visit to the International Criminal Court next week. "I hope, by filing this petition with the ICC, the prosecutors at the court as well as the international community will hear what we have to say and understand such cruelties were inflicted on innocent citizens" Shoichi Osawa, who heads a group representing such relatives, said during a press conference in Tokyo. The families and their supporters will deliver a petition to The Hague–based ICC, requesting an investigation into the suspected abductions of at least 100 Japanese as a case of crimes against humanity.

Calls For United Peninsula Without "Help" Of Other Countries


North Korea sent a rare announcement addressed to "all Koreans at home and abroad" on Thursday, saying they should make a "breakthrough" for unification without the help of other countries, its state media said. It said all Koreans should "promote contact, travel, cooperation between North and South Korea" while adding Pyongyang will "smash" all challenges against "reunification" of the Korean peninsula. The announcement, issued after a joint meeting of government and political parties, added Koreans should wage an energetic drive to defuse the acute military tension and create a "peaceful" climate on the Korean peninsula.

Training Reportedly Far Beyond Imagination Of Western Powers


North Korean children are being trained to fire automatic weapons and launch grenades in Kim Jong–un’s tyrannical regime as the rogue state bids to weaponize the population in preparation for war, a leading South Korean general has claimed. Lieutenant General In–Bum Chun, one of South Korea’s most decorated military leaders in history, claims a 14–year–old North Korean gets more than 100 hours of military training each year. This means by the time they reach conscription age and serve their time in the military they are able to fire an array of weapons, including an AK–47 machine gun, as well as launch grenades and effectively fend for themselves.

They Would Not Be Surprised If It Leads To The End Of Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation Into The President

Justin Caruso

A classified House Intelligence Committee memo viewed by Republican lawmakers has been described as "shocking" and "explosive" by the congressmen who read it. National security journalist and Fox News contributor Sara Carter reported that the memo shows "extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse." The memo also reportedly contains information about the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well as the infamous Trump–Russia dossier. Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry told Fox News, "You think about, is this happening in America or is this the KGB?’ That’s how alarming it is." North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said, "The facts contained in this memo are jaw–dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy."

Nearly 40% Of Migrants Intercepted While Crossing By Sea To Spain Were Algerian And Moroccan Nationals


Europe’s border agency expects a further increase in arrivals of illegal migrants to Spain by sea this year after numbers more than doubled in 2017, with the flows boosted by the use of fast boats, its director said on Friday. Some 22,900 people were detected as they reached Spain via Morocco or Algeria last year, up from 10,231 in 2016, a steep increase that is boosted by migration from these 2 northern African countries. Frontex border agency director Fabrice Leggeri said that while arrivals in Italy and Greece via Libya have dropped, total numbers using those routes remain above those to Spain and there are no signs of any major shift.

Pastor Yang Repeatedly Tortured As Prosecutors Tried To Force A Confession

Michael F. Haverluck

Pastor Su Tianfu and a fellow pastor of Huoshi Church, Yang Hua, battled with Chinese authorities for 7 months before the communist regime insisted that they turn over their donations. Both Su and Yang filed several appeals, arguing that they had only used the money on the church and therefore, it could not be considered illegal income, but they were denied, and dismissed. The state decision is final. Even though all church matters were disclosed to state authorities, the government will not tolerate the Chinese people giving their allegiance and support to another entity outside of the Communist Party. “Since its founding in 2009, Huoshi Church maintained an open relationship with the Chinese government, informing officials of all their religious activities in order to follow Chinese law. The Christian group serving the persecuted Church reported, "Eventually, the authorities started arbitrarily targeting us, and subjected the church to multiple raids in 2015 — and its members to detention and arrest." Soon, the church was treated as if it was orchestrating a government takeover. On Dec. 9, 2015, officials took Pastor Yang into custody for protecting a church computer hard drive from confiscation. China Aid informed, a day later, they sentenced him to 2 consecutive, 5 day administrative detention sentences for "the crime of obstructing justice and gathering a crowd to disturb public order. However, when his wife came to collect him on Dec. 20, 2015 – his release date – she saw him being herded into an unlicensed vehicle and putting on a black hood. She later learned that the government had transferred him into criminal detention for "illegally possessing state secrets"

Chinese Military Police Detonated Explosives Inside Evangelical Megachurch

Michael F. Haverluck

China Aid President and Founder Bob Fu considers the Chinese court’s 2 and a half year sentencing of Pastor Yang to prison delivered on January 5 – as ruthless and unwarranted. Yang’s treatment and sentencing is purely barbaric religious persecution! Fu exclaimed. Zhao Yonglin — an attorney based in Shandong, where the persecution is taking place alleges that officials from China’s Communist Party have viciously abused Pastor Yang in order to extract a false confession. Pastor Yang’s wife, Wang Hongwu and 2 sons, ages 6 and 15, were banned from attending her husband’s trial. She was not informed about the verdict against her husband until well after it was issued. Even though the Chinese government locked her husband up in prison after destroying his church, Wang is thankful and proud that he continues to be a Christ like witness behind bars."I was told that he is very popular inside prison," Wang shared last year after Yang’s sentencing, "Most inmates don’t know his name, but they call him Jesus. That must be all he talks about inside."

"Reverence For Every Human Life, One Of The Values For Which Our Founding Fathers Fought, Defines The Character Of Our Nation

President Trump declared January 22nd as National Sanctity of Human Life Day to honor the unborn and bring awareness to the adverse affects of abortion in the country. Today, we focus our attention on the love and protection each person, born and unborn, deserves regardless of disability, gender, appearance, or ethnicity. Much of the greatest suffering in our Nation’s history — and, indeed, our planet’s history — has been the result of disgracefully misguided attempts to dehumanize whole classes of people based on these immutable characteristics. We cannot let this shameful history repeat itself in new forms, and we must be particularly vigilant to safeguard the most vulnerable lives among us. This is why we observe National Sanctity of Human Life Day: to affirm the truth that all life is sacred, that every person has inherent dignity and worth, and that no class of people should ever be discarded as "non–human." Reverence for every human life, one of the values for which our Founding Fathers fought, defines the character of our Nation. I call on all Americans to reflect on the value of our lives; to respond to others in keeping with their inherent dignity; to act compassionately to those with disabilities, infirmities, or frailties; to look beyond external factors that might separate us; and to embrace the common humanity that unites us.

News Short Briefs

  • President Trump’s commanding presence steals the thunder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He stressed the US friendship with Israel and confirmed his decision to move our US embassy to Jerusalem ASAP.
  • President Trump also met with Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May. Donald Trump vowed to "fight for" Britain, there was a strong show of unity in a bid to kill concerns about the state of the "Special Relationship", saying they respect each other and were on the "same wavelength".
  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has claimed the British people could reject Brexit when they realize the UK "needs" EU migrants, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The "Elites" talked about nullifying the Brexit vote.
  • In an ironic twist, globalist elites gathering in Davos, Switzerland to discuss global warming — the meeting had to be delayed due to the town being buried in feet of snow.
  • The Climate Change Summit in Davos opened with a speech from Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister in which he identified climate change as the number one threat to civilization, and called for more wealth transfers from rich countries in order to help poorer nations "adopt appropriate technologies" for reducing climate emissions. The HYPOCRITE GLOBAL ELITES FLY TO DAVOS CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT IN 1000 PRIVATE JETS… to talk about how to reduce emissions.
  • The number of people trying to enter Sweden who are suspected of war crimes in places like Syria and Iraq has more than quadrupled since 2014, according to the Swedish war crimes commission.
  • Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, had a meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, on Monday in Bulgaria. Babis called the EU’s migrant redistribution plans "absolutely unacceptable".
  • Nationalism— It’s Trump’s Fault! During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, numerous global leaders claimed nationalism is the undoing the global world order.
  • Globalist leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Indian PM Narendra Modi, and Brazilian President Michel Temer railed against nationalism, populism, and "protectionism" during the summit. When asked about the rise of nationalism in Europe, Merkel called it a "poison."
  • Billionaire globalist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros lashed out at US President Donald Trump during a speech at Davos Thursday, claiming the new administration will bring about nuclear war and vows to continue to fight against Trump agenda.
  • American citizens were killed and injured in the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday, according to a State Department official.
  • French prison guards are on strike. In a period of less than 10 days, a number of guards in various prisons were attacked and wounded, mainly by Islamists incarcerated for terrorist offenses or petty criminals apparently on their way to becoming radical Islamists.
  • In Quito, Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed both that Ecuador naturalized Julian Assange in granting him citizenship, and that Ecuador had extended to Assange diplomatic status as well.
  • Hawaii was briefly under a tsunami watch early this morning following a magnitude 7.9 earthquake off Alaska late Monday. The earthquake prompted a tsunami warning for a large swath of coastal Alaska and Canada’s British Columbia while the the U.S. West Coast was under a watch.
  • Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R.)  signed into law a measure allowing the possession of marijuana for recreational use Monday. This is the first time a state legislature has voted to legalize the drug.
  • A group of amnesty activists blocked the entrance to the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, calling for legislation that would give legal status to millions of illegal aliens.
  • Mexican illegal immigrant has been accused of raping a 7–year–old girl and giving her genital herpes. Huber Morales, 24, was charged with 5 felony sex crimes, including child molesting, on Friday in Indiana.
  • A California mom reports on how American children are treated as second–class citizens in overcrowded schools.
  • President Trump will talk to Turkey’s Recep Erdogan on Wednesday as Turkish fighters expanded attacks on Kurdish–held enclaves in northern Syria, the White House said on Tuesday.
  • Court’s ruling in favor of PA pipeline. A group of nuns is asking a federal appeals court to halt a natural gas pipeline project on their rural Pennsylvania property. An attorney for Adorers of the Blood of Christ told a panel of federal judges last week that the Lancaster pipeline violates their religious freedom. The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project, says his organization respects the nuns’ rights to express their beliefs.

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The 5th Dynasty

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Serpents, Scorpions, And Seventy Sons

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(Isaiah 49:6).
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The Saga Of Esau
The Saga Of Esau

Distilling Esau's behavioural patterns down to two themes related to how he despised the will of the LORD, and assigned blame to innocents whom he purposed to kill, James shows how The Saga of Esau is echoed in the Edomites, King Herod, the religious council of the Jewish leadership which rejected Christ, and even Antichrist and the False Prophet.
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Twin Timelines DVD

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Dead Men's Bones DVD
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The Matter Of The Mingling

The Matter Of The Mingling
The prophetic expectation of the return of the Fallen Ones (Nephilim in the Hebrew) described in Genesis 6:4 has now reached unprecedented levels of interest. In The Matter Of The Mingling, prophecy figure James Lloyd shows how this controversial subject is an indication the body of Christ has gone astray, and this incendiary book proves it.
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Sequencing Salvation
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Dragons Book

Dragons Of Esdraelon
The place/name Esdraelon is the Greek word for the Hebrew Jezreel – a very significant locale adjacent to Megiddo – the ancient locale seen in Revelation as Armageddon. In this perceptive work, James shows how the evil Spirits, seen in the Old Testament in geographic proximity to Old Covenant Israel, have now spread around the world as they switch from territorial to global control of all the nations.
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Light To The Nations

Light To The Nations
This book includes the astonishing prophetic metaphor wherein Jonah, symbolizing Old Covenant Israel, resists the call to prophesy to the Gentiles, and sails to Europe to escape the LORD's will. Swallowed up in symbolic Death – and then deposited back onto the land, where the Christ rejecting state re-emerges in 1948 as an involuntary witness, Jonah is an important figure in prophecy. Meanwhile, true Spiritual Israel is seen passing through the sea, walking in the will of the LORD, at the Exodus, even as the earthdwellers (the Egyptian host in the text) are destroyed.
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Counterfeit Antichrist

Counterfeit Antichrist
Many Christian preachers and prophecy authors are now embracing a variation on the ancient "revived Roman Empire" lie with a scenario in which the end times "Antichrist" arrives as a powerful leader from the Islamic world. Leaning on Islamic prophecy itself, in the process of presenting their case in books, television programs, and speaking engagements, these false prophets are pitching another gospel (II Corinthians 11:4) which fails to recognize the truth about the Spiritual entities – commonly identified as Antichrist and The False Prophet -- found in Revelation.
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Culting Book

Culting Of Christianity
The Culting Of Christianity links Egyptian mysticism to leaders in the early church, as well as Jewish opponents of Christianity. An incendiary breakthrough, James conclusively shows the idea of a pre-tribulational evacuation was written in religious documents before Jesus was born. And it doesn't stop there, as James tracks how Occultic writings influenced the development of early Christian doctrine.
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Even He Is The Eighth

Even He Is The 8th
The mysterious passage in Revelation, related to the Beast in prophecy, is one of the most enigmatic themes in Scripture. Now, in the new book Even He Is The Eighth, prophecy figure James Lloyd has developed a coherent, compelling probe of how this subject leads to far more than the identification of Antichrist, as it breaks down the processes involved in how mankind responds to Spiritual stimuli.
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Collective Book

The Collective
The Collective details how the Spiritual entity is essentially the opposite of the body of Christ. Symbolically articulated in the book of Revelation as the Image of the Beast, the Spiritual formation could also be described as the body of Antichrist. This polarity places the body of Christ on one end of the Spiritual spectrum, and the body of Antichrist on the other.
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Lord Lord

Lord Lord - Book
Those Famous words, familiar to Christians reading the New Testament, are spoken at the time of judgement, when the Bible says MANY will be turned away. Most believers are also aware of the ominous response in which Christ tells this "many" to depart from Him, as He never knew them.
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The Remnant of Israel Revisited

The Remnant of Israel Revisited - Book
This brand new title from James Lloyd picks up hwere his previous books, The Remnant Of Israel, and The Remnant In Romans left off.
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The Double Day

The Double Day - Book
This is a stunning work, which adds an important new perspective to the remarkable prophetic formula known as the 6,7,8 Cycle. The pattern, shows man and his efforts represented by the number 6 (man was created on the 6th day), encountering Christ (represented by the divine 7), combining to produce the 8 - the number of new beginnings.
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The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses - Book
After years of prophetic work, this is his first look at the provocative subject. In this amazing material, James refutes the commonly offered identifications for the Two Witnesses, instead approaching the subject from the Remnant perspective.
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American Babylon

American Babylon - Book
Written in 2011, American Babylon represents a return to the begining for author James Lloyd. His first published work, Beyond Babylon, was written 20 years ago, and 60 titles later, American Babylon reflects the prophetic depth that decades of research and study can generate.
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Aliyah - DVD
A new television presentation from James Lloyd, the Aliyah (a word which means to ascend) to Jerusalem was installed in the heart of the law and the prophets.
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The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree - DVD
A new DVD addressing the metephor used by Jesus Christ indentifying Israel as the Fig Tree. Drawn from the Apocalypse Chronicles TV Show featuring James Lloyd, this 2 hour video presents the multiple analogies in which Israel is seen in the similitude of a Fig Tree.
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Prophecies Of The Pre-Messiah

Prophecies Of The Pre-Messiah - DVD
This is an unprecedented television production from Christian Media, in which James Lloyd produced 8 hours of video, in a verse by verse analysis of the book of Nehemiah.
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